I believe that design is all about making the world a better place.

Have a look at my work and let me know what you think!

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  • dangerdom_interview_header_1
    Interview: Dominic Flask

    Dominic Flask is an independent graphic designer and illustrator from Wichita, Kansas. He works hard […]

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    5 Essential Fonts

    Every designer has his/her fonts that they simply cannot do without. I’m excited to share with you 5 of my essential fonts, and good news is: THEY’RE ALL FREE!

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Crazy cat that wanders around our complex - he kinda looks like Hitler. #catlove
Aww, I love this little Google Notifications Bell ^_^
Happy Valentines everyone! Keep your loved ones close ♥♡
Hiding books in my closet to make space for new ones - eep. #hoarder #reading #books #help
Wow, such design skill x__x
What I talk about when I talk about running One of my favourite non-fiction novels by Haruki Murakami. Don't expect Mr. Nagata's leech rain. #harukimurakami #books #running #motivational
Finished the last of my zebra paintings. Had so much fun with this one. Happy Birthday Jeanelle ♥
Maxi-Fit Parkrun Team yeah
Beautiful view of the Guatrain rails at Modderfontein Reserve Parkrun